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Rack cabinet air conditioning unit 1,4 kW

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Product description

Monobloc air conditioner for standard 19” rack cabinets. Designed to be installed at the bottom of the cabinet, Rack-ED provides an air conditioned flow suitable to chill all the equipment contained in it.
Rack-ED was projected to operate at the service of railways sector on board of the vehicles, but is also suitable for static installations with environment up to 60°C.
Compact, plug and play installation and easy to maintenance; is the solution for the air conditioning of standard rack cabinets..

Technical Data

Rack-ED   14
Potenza Frigorifera *
Cooling capacity *
kW 1,4
Potenza assorbita in raffreddamento
Power input in cooling
W/A 600 / 2,9
Portata aria evaporatore
Evaporator air flow
m3/h 600
Tipo Type R134a
Livello pressione sonora
Sound pressure level
dB(A) 59
Limiti temperatura esterna in raffreddamento
External temperature limits in cooling mode
°C -10** ÷ +60
Alimentazione Elettrica
Power supply
V/Hz 230 / 50
Altezza (unità Rack) Height (Rack units) U 6
kg 60
Performances referred to the following operating conditions:

* Cooling capacity: Internal temperature 27°C d.b. 19°C w.b. - External temperature 35°C d.b. 24°C w.b.

**With optional condensation control.

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