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AC LABO® Precision Environments

Climate rooms and controlled laboratories

Welcome to AC LABO®

If you are looking for a specialized partner in the creation of air-conditioned work environments.
If you are considering entering in your company a new technical laboratory, if you need a metrology room with thermo-hygrometric control or you want to modernize your operational offices ...

AC LABO® turnkey close environments

… Find out how many advantages the collaboration with us can offer to you: first of all, the turnkey supply.

We know how to anticipate your problems and we optimize processes and resources to save you time and money.

We are specialized in construction of laboratories and air-conditioned environments, redeveloping or converting your industrial spaces

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Our environments are:

The documentation and certifications you will receive are what you need to be secure

Our team is able to offer you the best service on the market at an extremely competitive price

The environment that we will provide you will be complete with everything you need. You won't have to worry about anything else

Design & Engineering

Each project starts with a meeting with our client to evaluate the solution that best suits the functional and economic needs of the customer

A detailed 3D simulation allows you a clear preview of the result in all its contents before the execution phase.

We use a single design platform for

  • Architectural and structural modeling
  • Air treatment and filtration systems
  • Pneumatic, electrical and lighting devices
  • Automation, technical and functional furnishings

Experience e service

From planning to commissioning in place, through certified and documented processes,

we create workspaces to be integrated on your operational areas.

Our team has gained the necessary experience to provide you with a complete service.

We care for design and building of the commissioned rooms without any effort on your side

Our specialized construction teams guarantee a quick installation service throughout Europe with competence and professionalism.

Case History AC LABO®

Here some of our completed works.
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