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AC LABO® Metrological rooms and air-conditioned cabins

An excellent solution for metrology rooms and climate laboratories


Product description

ACLABO® is an integrated system consisting of a complete casing of technological systems to accommodate precision metrological equipment, typically coordinate measuring machines and dimensional control instruments, requiring stable, homogeneous, constant and verified thermo-hygrometric conditions.

Developed according to the specifications of leading manufacturers of dimensional control machinery, which impose accurate environmental conditions, the ACLABO® system is proposed in standard or customised configurations to meet particular temperature and relative humidity maintenance requirements.

ACLABO® meets the Precision categories of metrology rooms indicated in standards VDI/VDE 2627-1

Automated openings and gates for every production requirement

Movement of the parts to be measured within the laboratories is facilitated by special windows and openings compatible with the use of lifting and moving systems in the plant, such as:

  • Doors and gates, hinged or sliding, manually operated or motorised
  • Motorised gates in the roof to use the overhead crane also inside the room, with independent operation of the vertical doors and the roof opening to minimise temperature changes
  • Vertical roller gates, with motorised opening and high insulation, compatible with the linear movement carriages

The automated gates with ACLABO® covering are manufactured in compliance with Regulation 2006/42/EC (EN 13241:2016)

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